Saturday, 21 January 2023

Chilhowie Mystery Quilt Nearing Completion

So happy to be at the quilting stage of Chilhowie Mystery Quilt, designed by Bonnie Hunter. I look forward to making the mystery quilt every year. This quilt is for another granddaughter, who has a birthday is coming up.

Bonnie has named it Chilhowie after a town in Virginia. The name Chilhowie is a Cherokee word meaning 'Valley of the Deer. The original colours of the pattern were the colours of the Chilhowie area.

I used all the same colours suggested except for one. I replaced the orange suggested with pink. I thought with orange it may look more like a Halloween quilt. I do really try to stay away from pink, purple and teal/aqua quilts as I have so many, but the colours look beautiful together.

I made only half the number of pieces the pattern said to make as I wanted a smaller quilt. A few steps in we were to make sets - I knew then that making half wouldn't work so I started making half plus one. That gave me the right number to make a smaller quilt.

The top is all done and I have pinned the 3 layers together to start the quilting this weekend. I even have the label ready to go on.

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  1. You've done very well getting that quilt top stitched together so quickly. I agree, orange would be a bit jarring, much better with the pretty colour you substituted.

    1. Thanks Jenny. That's one reason I like Bonnie's mysteries - I have one week to complete each step, and being inside in air con binge watching Netflix is preferable to being outside in the hot summer heat :)

  2. Your colorway is wonderful! I like purple, aqua, and a dash of lime. Glad your fewer-block version worked out.

  3. Adore the change to pink! Your granddaughter is going to love this quilt. Seems like it'll be a fast finish as you have everything ready, even the label which I don't always get around to. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.