Saturday, 21 January 2023

Chilhowie Mystery Quilt Nearing Completion

So happy to be at the quilting stage of Chilhowie Mystery Quilt, designed by Bonnie Hunter. I look forward to making the mystery quilt every year. This quilt is for another granddaughter, who has a birthday is coming up.

Bonnie has named it Chilhowie after a town in Virginia. The name Chilhowie is a Cherokee word meaning 'Valley of the Deer. The original colours of the pattern were the colours of the Chilhowie area.

I used all the same colours suggested except for one. I replaced the orange suggested with pink. I thought with orange it may look more like a Halloween quilt. I do really try to stay away from pink, purple and teal/aqua quilts as I have so many, but the colours look beautiful together.

I made only half the number of pieces the pattern said to make as I wanted a smaller quilt. A few steps in we were to make sets - I knew then that making half wouldn't work so I started making half plus one. That gave me the right number to make a smaller quilt.

The top is all done and I have pinned the 3 layers together to start the quilting this weekend. I even have the label ready to go on.

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Friday, 6 January 2023

Happy New Year : Recent Sewing.

Happy New Year! A tradition in our family is to watch the Sydney Fireworks from where ever we are. They never disappoint.

The biggest achievement was finishing Briars quilt. A quilt that I English Paper Pieced  the top, and machine quilted the finished quilt. It is now, almost, in England with my darling granddaughter Briar. The pattern, Paper Lanterns was from Sue Daly, and was released during lock down - yes, that's when I started it. I love this quilt and will make it again, in different colours. I feel the flowers around the centre are too busy.

With overseas family staying with us for the month of December, I didn't spend a lot of time in the sewing room. I did, however attempt to catch up with Focus Cutting Sewalong - not all caught up yet, but getting there - AND the new Focus Cutting Sewalong is starting next week.

Block 36 and 37 was the remember Queen Elizabeth II. Block 38 was posted last blog, or the one before.

October theme was cotton, an interesting topic. 39, the earliest cotton.

 40 was for World Mental Health Day. I like to use hand sewing as one of my mindfulness activities.

Block 41 - World Cotton Day -what better way to depict world cotton day but with fashion.

Block 42 - precious cotton. All my fabric is precious, and this fabric I now have very little of, so I guess it is more precious.

Block 43 is the the brightest cotton, well I have a lot of bright fabrics.

I have also been working on Bonnie Hunters 2022 Mystery, Chilhowie. Keeping that for next time.

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Sunday, 27 November 2022

Not much time in the sewing room this month!

Wow, what a month. Since last post we have been on 3 cruises on two different ships and really little sewing was done. SEW, now is the time to get into the sewing room, catch-up on TV series, and sew, sew, sew.

Quiltville's new Mystery quilt has started, and I cut some squares yesterday to get started. I also need to catch up with Focus cutting sew along,as well as some Christmas sewing.

With family arriving from the UK next week I'm not sure how much I'll get done, but I'll try.