Friday, 21 October 2022

What I've Been Doing....

I have finished all the blocks for ModaBlockHeads4, and placed them ready to make the second quilt from the blocks. Block 26 - postage stamp - I really like, and I can imagine how pretty a quilt made with this block and fussy-cutting in the centre.

Block 27 - Threaded.
Block 28 - Blossom
Bonus Block 8 - Sweet Treats

Bonus Block 9 - Galaxy

Now to start sewing the top.
I only managed two
Focus cutting blocks - 35 motif with the theme books. I chose some book worm fabric.

Blocks 36 and 37 were in honour of the Queen, I have yet to find appropriate fabric. Block 38 was pattern matching and I chose this fabric for the Patchwork Elephant book.
September was blue in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I made 9 x 6.5" blocks and 6 x 4.5"


  1. Your Moda Blocks Heads quilt is amazing! I love the dramatic color scheme paired with the sampler motif.


  2. Your red/black blocks look stunning!

  3. I *love* the red/black/white blocks. Such a great colour combo! And I also appreciate the title of your blog; you're 100% correct!

  4. Moda Blockheads is looking great! As always your fussy EPP blocks simply fascinate me. Thanks for sharing on Wednesday Wait Loss.