Modern Mystery Quilt 2012

Modern Mystery Part 1

A FB friend asked where Part 1 was - oops forgot to post, so here it is.

The pattern says to use solids on a light background, but I chose a black background to make the colours more bold.
Part 1 involved cutting random rectangles within a size restriction. I cut heaps so have now also added to my strip stash.
Before I started I couldn't get my head around what I had to do, so I actually drew a plan LOL.
To remember which fabric was the centre, I placed a pin in the middle until I had sewn two sides.
All the seams were to be pressed open. I usually press to the dark.
Adding the ends to make a rectangle inside a rectangle.

The finished part 1 blocks.

Modern Mystery Quilt part 2

So I started on part 2of the Modern Mystery Quilt. I printed out the template and went through the kitchen cupboards trying to find a plate, bowl or lid that would fit - no luck. I didn't want to make 30 patterns or make a plastic template so I decided to use freezer paper.
I traced over the template and then folded the freezer paper in half before cutting. This gave me a circle.
I folded the circle to make a semi circle again and placed it around the long end of the background fabric. I pinned 4 layers of fabric together and used a dressmakers pencil to trace around the freezer paper and cut with scissors. The pattern says to discard the cut out fabric - YEAH RIGHT!!!! I'll use it for something. 

The larger circle I ironed onto one piece of fabric. I used scissors to cut around it. 
I then pinned the paper and fabric to about 4 layers of fabric and cut around that.

After cutting 15 circles I needed to cut them in half to make 30 semi-circles.
 I did this by folding the original paper and fabric circle in half and using my rotary cutter and ruler i carefully cut each group of 4 fabrics in half.

 I watched the Amy Gibson Craftsy video again to see how to sew circles. She is so good with her explanations and hints.
 You will need to register for the class - it is free - and the whole class is full of different hints and ideas, it is well worth it.

After sewing 2 or 3 blocks it became easier to pin and sew the curves.
One good hint was to pin the middle and the two ends a couple of times with one pin, and all the other pins only once picking up a few stitches only. This allowed the fabric to move to where I wanted it to be when sewing.
Amy's video showed exactly how to sew and lift the foot to move the background fabric around so it wouldn't pucker.
And here we are with 30 finished part 2 blocks.

Part 3 was similar to Part 1, only an extra rectangle around the first 2. I made 18 of these.

Now to wait for Part 4 - half way - woo hoo.

Happy Sewing

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