Friday, 29 December 2017

On Ringo Lake Part 5

Part 5 complete and even ironed and I now have many many more 'bonus triangles'.
Have a look at what others are doing on Bonnie's Week 5 Linkup Party.

So in moving on to some other sewing, ModaBlockHeads, I was able to use some of the brown bonus triangles in the next block. Think I will need to store the little baggy of brown triangles with the BlockHead blocks. They did save me a lot of time.
I also started some Elvis mug rugs to take to the Elvis Festival.
I have many more to make.
I took a break from Bonnie's leaders and enders 2017 blocks to work on an Aussie Christmas bunting, that I purchased some years ago. I will look great when I finish it. Meanwhile I'll be off to Spotlight shortly to see what specials they have on Christmas fabric and pre-cuts.
Happy New Year Everyone, and Happy Sewing.


  1. OMG. I love Elvis too! Your mug rugs are so cute -- I need one of those for my sewing room. Where did you get such good pictures of Elvis. Now tell me all about this Elvis Festival.

    1. It is an annual festival in a country town, Parkes. We have always wanted to go, and this year we are :) I bought the fabric in 2010 at Gracelands - too good to pass up.

  2. Ditto - Elvis is my all time favourite singer. I fell head over heels in love as a young girl when I heard him sing "Love me Tender" I'm still swooning. Where, what, when is the Elvis Festival? And why can't I come too?

    1. I don't particularly like Elvis, don't dislike him, just not a fan. Peter is, and when we were in the US in 2010 I booked a three night package at the Heartbreak hotel across the road from Gracelands. It was the best three days, all totally themed Elvis, and I'm not an Elvis fan!! Maybe I should do a post in my travel blog? Of course you can come, but you are doing your wonderful trip now. We leave tomorrow.