Monday, 27 November 2017

Mystery Quilt Time of the Year

I often spend my Saturdays, when I'm at home, catching up on YouTube quilting shows and one was Missouri Star's Jenny, and I happened to come across a 'Fall Shenanigans' wall hanging.  Even though we do not celebrate Halloween in Australia, it is our daughter's birthday, so parties were always Halloween themed. So out came the Halloween fabrics and in a day I made the top - who knows how long it will take for me to sandwich and quilt it!!!!

I have always looked forward to this time of the year - Halloween and Christmas. Not only is it getting closer to Christmas, a happy time, it is Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt time!! A time to create a beautiful quilt, step by step and spend a calming time sewing. Not all sewers would agree as at times Bonnie's Quilts can be quite involved, but never the less, I do enjoy the stress relief these mysteries have provided over the years.
Now that I'm retired, the joy of the mystery is still there, as is the relaxing, calming, peaceful time that it brings.
This year Bonnie's mystery is titled 'On Ringo Lake'. You can find the fabric requirements and instructions here. First impressions - I was very happy with the colour choices. I usually change Bonnie's colour suggestions, but this year I had all the fabric on hand - although I almost changed the browns for dark purples, but as they didn't look as good, so I went back to browns.
 Part one was released on Friday, and compared to other years this clue is quite easy - thank goodness. (This is not a whinge Bonnie 😊).

Bonnie's mystery is the start of the mysteries. I will still have two New Year Mysteries, (including Merry Mayhem's - with fabric and cutting instructions released today) and the Super Bowl mysteries to make - and I'm looking forward to it. We will be away on a cruise the next few weeks (woo hoo), so I'll be playing catch-up mid December. (See my travel blog: Are We There Yet?)
To see what others are doing go to Bonnie's Monday Link up.


  1. I know you enjoy the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilts, and I have seen a lot of activity on blogland already about the latest one. Looking forward to seeing how your one progresses.

    1. I do like Bonnie's quilts Jenny. We arrived back home today - you certainly live in a lovely country - so will probably move on to clue two on Friday.

  2. Enjoy your vacation! You be able to catch up on the clues once you return.

    1. Can't wait to catch up, arrived back this afternoon and will start as soon as I pay the bills, do the washing, dusting, vaccuming............