Thursday, 30 March 2017

Under My Needle

The past few days have been mostly taken up 'glued' to the TV watching Cyclone Debbie unfold along our beautiful Queensland Coast. A category 4 cyclone that caused a lot of destruction, fortunately no loss of live. Now a low depression, the tail of Cyclone Debbie is hitting the south coast of Queensland, including Brisbane. All schools have been closed for today and tomorrow due to flooding, and everyone is pretty much in lock down until the storm passed. There has been a lot of rain, and just now the winds have started to get stronger. So while all this is happening, I have been sewing - what else! Under my needle is a jacket I am making. It has been a long time coming and I have made sew many changes, but that's ok. It will get done.


  1. Cyclone Debbie caused such a lot of damage, and hopefully you ween't directly in the path?
    Mmmm, a jacket, you say. I'll be interested to see that completed.

  2. Hope you were not inconvenienced by the storm. At least if you have power an your sewing machine, that would be all that is needed.! Your color in your jacket are really pretty. Am looking forward to seeing it after it's done.