Monday, 9 January 2017

Happy 2017

I'm not one for New Year resolutions, I like to make plans and set goals to achieve all through the year. One goal is to update my blogs more regularly, well, at least two of them (not sure I will continue the third). As in previous years I have been busy working on mystery quilts. I have been doing Bonnie Hunters Mystery quilt every year since Orca in 2011 and usually complete the last clues while camping beside the Bellinger River. Not this year. Camping got too expensive at $92.50 a night, so we decided the stay home and maybe have a city break at $99 a night at Southbank - much better value!
Anyway, how many mystery quilts can one do at a time? Over Christmas /New Year I was doing 5 different mysteries. The only problem was because I like 3 colours, I always try to use those colours. Doing 5 different mysteries with the same colours, when the clues came out at different times was very difficult. I had each mystery sorted into boxes, and moved fabric from one box to another when needed. I got a little scared that I would run out of some fabrics as the clues came to an end - but so far so good.

The mysteries I was/am doing are:
1. Simply Colorful Brown Bag mystery - this one I started first in September, but had to stop in October as I needed a special panel. I couldn't source it here in Australia, so needed to think of something else to use. I think I know what I am going to use now, but this mystery has been on the back burner, although it does have a lot less purples than it did.😇 
2. Love Shack Quilts Peace Love Mystery was started 15th October. The clues come out every two weeks, and I'm pleased to say I am all up to date with this one.

3. Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville Mystery 2016 - En Provence - started 25th November, and I am determined to finish the top TODAY!!!! Bonnie has wonderful quilt patterns and her mysteries are always large quilts, so I only do half the required number of units and if I have to make more to complete the size I want (like today) I will.

4. Quiltbug's Blooming Rails New Year's Eve mystery was a two day quilt with clues coming out by the hour during NY eve and NY day. I have only done this mystery a few times over the years, usually I don't hear about it until after the event, but my friend Cleary is great keeping us quilting buddies up-to-date with happenings. I have everything cut except the panel (a bit scared) and have completed the first couple of steps. Will get around to it - watch this space!
5. Merry Mayhem Mystery Quilt is run every New Years Day - which is 2 January here in Oz. The first clue comes out about 2am our time, so by the time I get up the first 3-4 clues are already out. This years mystery is #140 Nifty Thrifty, and I started doing it scrappy. By the time it came to put all the units together, it didn't look very good scrappy, so I ended up making four table toppers that will be great for caravan stove toppers as well. This is the only mystery that I have completed so far.
So that is what I've been doing, and am doing for the rest of this month at least - well that and Farmer's Wife blocks.


  1. Your colors are so pretty....I'm working on 2 mystery quilts...that's more than enough for me! Five is very impressive! Blessings from the mountains of southern West Virginia, USA. I've read this blog for quite some time...and only wish you posted more. Thank you for the good reads.

    1. Thank you. I will try to blog more, but make no promises LOL. I don't know what I was thinking doing so many mystery quilts at once, but you know, I think I would do it all again - maybe later this year.