Friday, 13 January 2017

En Provence Mystery Quilt

Regular readers know I love mystery quilts. This time of year I am doing Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville's mystery, (as well as others - busy time for mysteries) - this year inspired by the beautiful landscapes of France. As in previous years, I am doing half size, and Bonnie's colour choice recommendations are 'my' colours - well, except for yellow. I substituted the yellow for light pinks 😊.
 Bonnie's mystery starts at the end of November every year, and I started doing them back in 2012, with the Orca Bay Mystery. Although I had made mystery quilts previously from magazines, I do believe that Bonnie's mystery quilt really got me hooked.
This time of year there are many mysteries on-line so I find it easier to have a list of fabric requirements and a quick note about each unit made. I store this with the fabric in a box so it is always together for when the next clue comes out.
The first clue was a neutral 4-patch. Now that I have finished the top, except for the border, I have many 4-patches left over, so I may incorporate in in the border.
Part 2 was magenta & neutral units, followed by part 3 -a 4-patch lilac & purples.
Part 4 was a purple and neutrals unit same as part 2.
Part 5 was purple and neutrals half square triangles.
Part 6 was green, lilac and neutrals. I almost changed the greens for teal, and although I like the way the greens look, I still think teal would have been a better way to go.
So all units complete, well half of them, it is time to start to put the units together.
I swapped the yellow for pink, and for me it looks 100% better. I really don't like yellow!
I really like the way the units have come together, still think teal would have looked better.
I thought about having a thin magenta inner border, followed by a 3" outer border, but after auditioning it I didn't like it. I think I will incorporate the left over neutral 4-patches and make a neutral border with a magenta binding. 
As I made the quilt with half the units Bonnie suggested, I decided that a single bed topper would be what I complete. That leaves me with two central blocks. I will use one on a jacket that I am making, and the other as a table topper or caravan stove topper. Sold lots of caravan toppers, helps pay for petrol as we travel Australia.


  1. I like the colors you used for Bonnie's Mystery quilt. I'm like you and would have loved to see what it would have looked like with teal. By the way, what is a caravan topper. I've never heard of that before.

    1. A caravan stove topper is like a table topper, but it fits on top or the stove cover in a caravan. Looks pretty, and protects the stove cover from scratching. I'll post a picture in a few weeks when we are back travelling in the van.