Monday, 26 December 2016

Lavendar and Mint

With new baby news I asked what colours the new mum would like, she said pastel mauves and mint and greys. First I looked at my stash, then went to Masters for paint chips. Well I didn't know there were so many shades of 'mint'.
So after auditioning some fabrics I came up with these tones.
 So with fabrics chosen I started thinking about what design to make. I looked in a few books and decided on a nine-patch quilt. Most of the sewing was done while we were caravaning around New South Wales and Victoria on my Elna Sewing Machine.
Once home, I finished any outstanding blocks and planned the layout.
I ended up with four orphan blocks, that I will use in my patchwork jacket.
Next was the pinning and the quilting.
Baby now has the quilt, and I hope he likes it.


  1. That's a pretty colour combination, the quilt looks lovely.

    1. Thank you Jenny, I wasn't sure when I started, but I'm happy with the combination of colours now it is finished.