Monday, 28 November 2016

Life can be hectic...

The past few months we have been busy renovating and traveling and simply enjoying life. I have been sewing - a lot - but with limited internet, and/or time I have sadly neglected my quilting blog. I am going to try to blog at least once every two weeks, even if it is a short blog like this one.

Most of my sewing has been by hand stitching Farmers Wife and hexies while traveling in the caravan. I was able to pull out the machine when we had power plugged in. For the next two weeks I have hexies packed to sew. 

I have finished many Farmers Wife blocks, and I will post about each one. I started three mystery quilts, and finished two of the mystery tops, the third needs a bit more time to work out the tonal background. I have also finished a baby quilt top, that I will complete when we get back from our next adventure in about two weeks.
And of course there is Bonnie's new mystery En Provence. I have some of the fabric, and will start the first and second parts just before part three comes out. You can find the link to Bonnie's mystery here.

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  1. I know what is like to be busy, busy, busy, and travelling too. But you seem to have several accomplishments, starting some, finishing others. IT will be fun to see more of your work as you write about them in future blogs.
    And Christmas is just around the corner - another busy time for all of us.