Tuesday, 26 April 2016

My First VSM

I have always wanted an old treadle machine. I am in a VSM (Vintage Sewing Machine) FB group and love looking at the machines that others have restored. Now it is my turn. Today - 26 April 2016 - I purchased my first VSM. I am so excited and can't wait to bring it home tomorrow. Of course, I will spend the next few weeks researching it and finding out all about it. It was advertised as a 1927 machine, but I have my doubts as I think there are so many inconsistencies, but of course I am definitly not an expert, so researching will be fun - I hope.

I will post some photos when I get it home :)


  1. Happy sewing with your new machine!
    Perhaps you grew up with a treadle sewing machine, like I did? My mother didn't realise that they would become collectable, and it was sold, or maybe even dumped, and replaced with an electric machine. Shame on us.

  2. Oh Jenny, it is beautiful. Will need time to clean it before I even think about using it. Will do a little this afternoon, but we are off on another road trip in the morning, so it will have to wait until we get back. Gives me time to google how to do it so I don't damage it further.