Thursday, 7 April 2016

Farmer's Wife # 86 Priscilla

Sorry for the break in blog posts, we have been touring this wonderful country  of ours. Such a good release from the stress of work life.
While travelling we called in to see my auntie, and she re-kindled my old hand sewing habits. #86 Pricilla was the first block in the Farmers Wife Sampler that I hand stitched. I must say I did enjoy it. I hand stitched a few other blocks but then found it would be easier to cut the pieces using template plastic. So off to Spotlight.

I didn't find Pricilla difficult, maybe because I was hand stitching.
See Angie's tutorial here.
My thoughts on the letter 'Dishes with Fairytales' 
by More Fun in Dishes  Dec 1938
As a child my sister and I would take turns in wiping the dishes, we didn't like or dislike it, it was just something we did. I'm not sure if my brother helped, I have no recollection of him helping, but maybe he did. More Fun in Dishes would entice her brothers to help with the washing up by telling them fairy stories. Her brothers thought washing up was girls work, but in the end they wanted to help so they could hear the stories.

When my own children were young, they never had the joy of washing or wiping up. We had a dishwasher! Once when we lived in Canberra we went to my cousins home and our girls actually fought about who was going to wipe up - now they are older, they no longer do that LOL.

Quote: This home runs on LOVE, LAUGHTER, and sweet tea.

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