Thursday, 7 April 2016

Farmers Wife #11 Bea

Another hand stitched block. I guess by now you have guessed that I am not doing the blocks in order of Angie releasing them. One can only do what one can while travelling.  I am 'playing' catch up by going through the book and doing each block that has been released in numerical order.
This 'basket' block was also easy while hand piecing and sewing, and surprisingly quick to do.
You can find Angie's tutorial here.

My thought on the letter "Only Twenty-Four and a Queen" 
by Queen Bee, December 1935.
  Queen Bee writes about wanting nice things and getting sad because she doesn't have them. To resolve her feelings she puts on her best dress and a happy attitude and all her housework doesn't seem so bad.
Mood can have a very big influence on attitude and how others perceive you. 
What makes me feel better when I'm feeling down? Sewing, listening to John Farnham, being with the grandkids, spending time with family. 

Do small things with great love and joy in your heart.

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  1. Allison, I too am making the Farmer's Wife blocks. I have gone rogue and completing the blocks on my schedule. I did 50 with EPP and another 50 machine stitching. I am now sashing the blocks and I realize what a lot of work I have done with this project. But I have enjoyed it but must confess did not do some in the group said were really hard. Happy Stitching!