Monday, 1 February 2016

Farmers Wife #22 Cat

My first thought seeing Cat was look at all those tiny little pieces. Next it was what fabrics will I use? 
Once I started piecing it wasn't that difficult. However, I did lose some of my points, so don't look too close ☺.
The Gnome Angel tutorial can be found here.

My thoughts on the letter 'The First School Day' 
by Glad - after - all,  1935
Glad - after - all expresses her feelings about dropping her 'baby' to school. She talks about her aspirations and dreams for him in the future.
It is often difficult to leave one's child with 'strangers' and under someone else's control, even when one knows it is the right thing to do. Over the years I have seen many different reactions by parents as they leave their children on the first day of school, all appropriate,  just different. 
Quote: Children grow, and parents will always watch out for their children, but the emotions felt by parents on the first day of school are very strong and very raw.

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