Monday, 1 February 2016

Allietare finished

I love the way Allietare turned out. 
I made half the amount of units Bonnie suggested and this gave me a 4 x 4 block square. I had to make one more blue centre block and 4 triangle edging blocks. I had a red centred block left over so I used units from the red block to make the extra triangle blocks I needed.
My design wall is not large enough for a big quilt, even Allietare at half size was too big for my wall, so I used our floor to layout the blocks. 
I added a thin blue inner border and a large black outer border. Now Allitare top is waiting to be quilted, but as we are travelling,  it will have to wait until I am home again. 
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I love mystery quilts and this one is beautiful.
Thank you Bonnie!!!


  1. Yours turned out beautiful. What size did it finish? Just curious because I passed on this one since I haven't finished older ones yet.

    1. I've only completely finished one of Bonnie's mysteries, all the rest are waiting to be finished.This one worked out at 68"square with the borders. I like all the mystery quilts, but always like the latest one the best :)