Friday, 29 January 2016

Farmers Wife #55 Malvina

At this point in the Farmer's Wife sampler, I am trying to use fat quarters that I have already cut. Can you see the selvage that snuck into the block? Think I will write something there.

The Gnome Angel tutorial can be found here.

I'm still playing catch up,  and this block was ok to make, and I didn't do too bad with the points.

My Thoughts on the Letter 'Fun for the Family' 
by Radio Fan 1935
Radio Fan talks about the joy her family gets from the radio. She talks about each family member's favourite broadcast.  Some they share and some they don't. 
I tried to think what today's 'radio' would be - television? Netflix? 
I love television and tv shows and movies. I share my enjoyment of crime and mysteries with my daughter. I wake up to the news in the morning and tv is on most of the day. I record a lot of shows and watch while I'm doing other things - like sewing ☺. 
When the kids were little,  we would watch movies together, and now hubby and I will watch The Block, Master Chef,  and any Star Trek show together. So I guess television has taken the place of radio in today's fast paced, multi-tasking society.
Quote: They say that 90% of TV is junk. But 90% of everything is junk. 
~ Gene Roddenberry.

Another quote: Television is the most perfect democracy.  You sit there with the remote control and vote.

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