Friday, 4 December 2015

Farmers Wife #79 Patience

# 79 Patience is a simple 9 patch block, that I adjusted to make it a modified nine patch. It is a perfect block, like many so far in the Farmer's Wife 1930's blocks, for fussy cutting. It was also this block that changed my mind about orientation of the blocks. I am now thinking of making the quilt/quilts on point.

 My Thoughts on the letter "Talk About Grit!"
by Renter, March 1930 
This letter was so sad. Renter writes about the hardships she is facing and says she is "...down, and down bad. But I'm not out yet." 
Times were certainly harder back in the 1930's, much harder than today, but even today people are struggling. Struggle can be on many levels, physical, mental, financial, social ... but no matter what level there are always others who may be worse off. 
Some years ago when our son was weeks old, we found out he was profoundly deaf. I recall thinking our cat could hear John Farnham, but our son could not. Not long after that he was diagnosed as autistic. At that time we were fortunate to be living in an area that greatly supported deaf children, and we went to a weekly child therapy play group. It was at this playgroup, sitting in the parents room waiting that we met another couple also waiting. Their daughter was also in the playgroup. This was a lovely young couple who had two children, a girl in the playgroup who had cerebral palsy and major visual problems, and a baby boy who had downs syndrome. Dad had recently been made redundant, and mum was pregnant. I can't imagine what this family was going through. Our son was just deaf and autistic. Our problems were nothing compared to this young family. Yet, they were friendly and cheery and a lovely couple to meet.
Renter writes "... what's the use of worrying ... making it miserable for everyone around you?" Certainly this is true, but when one feels '...down and down bad...' it is difficult to think of others feeling first. Thinking of others comes later, when time has put in place the reality of the situation. 
My quote today is somewhat similar to Renter:
Worrying does not take away tomorrows troubles, 
it takes away today's peace.

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