Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Allietare part 4

Started part 4 yesterday and boy is it time consuming. I'm not whining,  I'm just stating that it was very time consuming,  and lucky I am on holidays. I had collected more than the alloted amount of fabric needed for half size, and in this part pieces needed to be the same fabric. Mmmm. Lucky I had brought another project with me that had extra cream. All my blacks are pretty much gone, as are my creams. I'm fine for blues and reds, but if part 5 needs other colours, it's off to Spotlight I go.

You can find Bonnie Hunter's instructions here -

I needed to draw a diagonal line through 240 black squares.
I used pegs to keep each set together.
Ironing with a craft iron - that doesn't get overly hot - was also time consuming (still not whining ☺)!
On day one I made four sets.
Day two, I was on a roll and made six sets, well it was raining so I had time. Only five to go, hopefully tomorrow. 
With the cut off half square triangles I have made numerous mini blocks.
I'm not sure what I will make with them,  but nothing gets wasted, that's my Scottish blood.
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  1. Have a grand holiday and good work on keeping up with the clues.

    1. Thank you Kathy. I love this place and I love mystery quilts.

  2. I love all the mini blocks you've made from the offcuts.

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  3. Auto correct arrrrh - trying again.
    Thank you Vireya, I don't like to waste fabric, even if it is tiny. Will make some nice coasters and borders for place mats, not to mention the jacket I am making.☺