Monday, 21 December 2015

Allietare part 3

 I really enjoy camping by the river in Summer. Look at our wonderful view. 
This is our fifth Christmas camping by the river and as I travel with my little Elna Lotus I usually do Bonnie's mystery while away.
Part three involves four patches of neutrals and, in my case teal/blue (instead of gold). The second part was large neutral rectangles.
It is so relaxing to sew with this view. I did have to turn the fan away as it was blowing the pieces on the floor.
I forgot to pack my cordless iron, but luckily I travel with a small craft iron, that did the job.
All sections of part three complete. Part four tomorrow when the boys are at Star Wars.
Bonnie's part three link up is here


  1. What a lovely restful camping spot you have. Merry Christmas to you all, and many hours of happy sewing!

    1. I know Jenny, and it doesn't even matter that it is raining ☺

  2. That sounds like my idea of a wonderful holiday.