Saturday, 14 November 2015

Farmers Wife #76 - Nancy

What a block Nancy was. I started off thinking about how I could make it easier - as I do most projects.
Well, it didn't work out that way. I was checking the photos on the FW FaceBook page to get inspiration of fabric choices to use, and saw so many different versions, I think I got confused. Anyway, the process in my first (incorrect blocks) and my second (correct blocks above) was the same.
I cut out all the pieces and lay them out.
To make the chevron blocks, I rule a sewing line down the middle of the 'wings' and chain sew all the pieces.
Then I sew another line on the section to be cut off - that is, not used.
I cut off the smaller triangles, to be used elsewhere :)
I then repeat the process on the other side.
This is when I discovered my mistake, and decided to make two blocks a little differently and then to make the blocks AGAIN correctly.
So I started again, by laying out all the pieces.
To end up with the correct blocks at the top.

My thoughts on the letter "Why Not a Book Christmas"
by Bobby, 1933.
Bobby talks about how her mother would give her and her siblings a book each Christmas, and with that the children built their own library. Like Bookworm, Bobby found the pleasure in reading and would save her pennies to buy books.
As a teacher, I realise the importance of reading to children and encouraging children to enjoy the love of reading at an early age. Our children and grand children have always received books for special occasions. We got away without giving our children any chocolate for Easter in their first 4/5 years. Books were a gift.
I do not think one can have too many books.

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