Sunday, 8 November 2015

Farmers Wife #57 Margaret

I love half square triangles. There are just so many different ways to lay them to make a pattern. This week is all about half square triangles.
Of the two blocks released, #57 Margaret is the first.
I took advantage of my rotating mat, and triangle ruler again for these blocks.
I laid out all the pieces to keep them in order when sewing.
I chain stitched in pairs and then laid each pair out again to make sure the pattern was still correct.
I tries two different ways of pressing these blocks. The blue block pressing to one side or the other to make the seams butt up to each other. The pink block I pressed the seams open. I must admit, the pink block did lay flatter.
My thoughts on the letter 'Mom's a Whole Menagerie'
by Mom, Sept 1934
Mom writes about the afternoon rush when the family returns from school and work and all help out to set the table and enjoy the evening meal together - sharing the days high's and lows. It ends with Mom being very happy with the joy of being with family.
How different life is today. I wonder how many families sit down to dinner at the table to talk about the day's events over dinner - without today's technologies.

As a child growing up, I don't recall sitting at the table for dinner. I do recall sitting in the same small room that was our kitchen, lounge, dining room that was no more than 5x4 metres but we were all together. We did talk, if Dad wasn't watching the news - and my sister and I use to fight over who would stir the gravy and who's turn it was to dry the dishes. Afternoons were spent talking about the day. I had a great childhood with caring and love all around. Although, I guess life was not as hectic as today.
When our children were younger, we always sat down at the table, sometimes the TV was on, sometimes it wasn't. In one house we didn't have the TV where it could be seem from the table, and I don't recall our evening meal being any different from any of the other homes we had. We did talk about each other's day. We did discuss any issues or events coming up. We talked. Although I must confess, that in the years before our girls left home I did send emails to them to come down/up to dinner. It was just easier than yelling upstairs and downstairs or going to get them. However, we did sit at the table to share a meal.

 We don't now, but in all fairness our kids are grown up, and two have their own homes now. When beautiful grand daughter comes to visit we still don't sit at the table for meals - but we talk all day about her week. We sit in the lounge room in front of the TV or on the deck near the BBQ.
Times have changed.

We were happy. We are happy. I am grateful for the way our children have turned into caring respectful adults. They have the most beautiful respectful children and I love them all with all my heart.

Count your blessings, live with gratitude and love with all your heart.  

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