Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Farmer's Wife #46 Jewel

No templates for this one and I wasn't about to fussy cut pieces, so foundation paper piecing it is.
There is always a lot of waste in foundation paper piecing, but the resulting blocks usually finish very accurately. 
I only made one of #46 Jewel, in the purple tones.
I colour coded each piece to make it easier to remember which fabric went where, but I still got it muddles and had to unpick and change fabric on three of the eight blocks.
My thoughts on the letter "Listen a Little" 
by Chatterbox, April, 1937
Chatterbox sees herself as an incessant talker, and has vowed to try an listen to others a little more.
The world is made up of those who like to talk and those who like to listen. 
I'm a listener. 
I like to listen and watch what is going on around me. 
Listeners have their own set of issues, often labelled as shy, anti-social, or uninterested and snobbish. 
I don't think I am any of those. 
As a young child I was always self-conscious about 'being shy' yet now as I look back I realise I was listening and observing - both good things.

Every good conversation starts with good listening.

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