Monday, 12 October 2015

Farmer's Wife Block #20 Caroline

I spent the last few days at a wonderful family wedding interstate, so today was my first change to do last Thursday's block #20 Caroline. You will find GnomeAngel tutorial here.
I had some trouble with the sizes of the triangles, as only one size is mentioned in the rotary cutting instructions on the CD. So I went back to GnomeAngel tutorial instructions to find the other guest tutorials. Elven Garden Quilts explained the way to cut both the small triangle, listed on the CD, and the larger triangle. The larger triangles are twice the size of the one listed.
I followed the instructions on Elven Gardens Quilts tutorial and cut out small and large squares.
Like Jess at Elven Gardens, and many others, I like to chain sew pieces when I can. As I am doing two different colour-ways I had cut out all pieces for the two blocks.
I also like to iron smaller pieces before combining to make the desired block.
The finished pink tone block.
My thoughts on the letter :- When I Behold the Heavens
by What-is-man July 1933
What-is-man talks about common everyday events that often go un-noticed and how life is the "most complicated" of all. That made me reflect on how one often forgets about the simple (and complicated) parts of ones self. 
You are important. I am important. 
Stop to enjoy the little things. 
Walk in the park and stop and listen to the trees, the birds, the everyday sounds. 
Have a drink of water and taste the water in your mouth, breathe and feel the breath in your body. Look at the details around you. Close your eyes and feel....
A person is more than a name, more than a job. 
What defines us is up to us.
We are the miracle!
We need to embrace all around us.
The finished purple tone block.
Each new day is a chance to make a new beginning.
Count your blessings, live with gratitude and love with all your heart. 
Happy Sewing

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  1. You certainly are keeping busy with your blocks - everything seems to be coming together nicely.
    I like the quote at the end of your blog post - "Count your Blessings etc....." well worth living by.