Thursday, 29 October 2015

Farmers Wife #45 Jenny

I really enjoyed #45 Jenny, and it took no time to make. Again there no rotary instructions so I had to work it out myself. I've got graph paper organised to work out segments for each block - and maybe they will be appropriate for future blocks without rotary cutting instructions. I am also getting very quick at working that out, especially with my trusty triangle ruler. (Thanks to Bonnie Hunter for introducing me to the triangle ruler many mystery quilts ago.
Gnome Angle tutorial and Marti Mitchell tutorial are excellent. I made my block before looking at either tutorial - oops - and still did mine the same way. 
Love my triangle ruler.
As always, I like to layout my pieces before I sew to make sure I am sewing the right pieces together.
 I made the triangle units, and laid them out...
 As I said, I enjoyed doing this block.
It was the twelfth block of the ninety-nine blocks that we are doing in this quilt along.
Here are the first twelve, and their variations. 

My thoughts on the letter 'I Learned to Play'
by Am I Right or Wrong March 1939
This letter probably applies more today than it did back in the 1930's. I am reminded of the song Father and Son by Cat Stevens (and later Boyzone). Are we too busy with work and chores to spend time with our loved ones - family and friends?
We will do it after..... We will do it later..... I am too tired...
Our work life demands too much of our time, yet we are working longer and longer hours. We have bills that have to be paid, so we have to work. Sometimes our life style requires more disposable income, so we work. Many jobs expect one to put in long hours without remuneration, and we do it.... maybe out a sense of (misguided) loyalty, or passion for the job, maybe something else.

Am I Right or Wrong talks about managing her time better and giving the kids jobs to do with her, so that time is well spent TOGETHER! It also gives them time later to do other fun things - play - that often were not even considered.
You need to take time for yourself, as well as those you hold dear. Life cannot be all work. We need to be able to recharge our batteries, in order to see what is important. I can tell you from personal experience, it is not work!!
I can not explain the joy and pleasure and relaxation of spending an afternoon at a local market with my family, when I was burnt-out from the increasing workload and inconsistencies in the workplace. I use to miss all these simple events, simple pleasures... all because I had work to do. Looking back it was so wrong.
I use to sew every Saturday, that was my 'ME time' - that stopped, as I had work to do.
How lovely it was to get back to my creative side - sewing, drawing with my granddaughter, painting, even doing family tree.
I started to live again ... and my family thanked me for it.

Quote: This one comes from Thema Davis
Saying YES to happiness means learning to say NO to the things and people that stress you out.

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