Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Farmers Wife #41 Granny

The first block this week was #41 Granny. It was a bit tricky, and I tried two different ways of doing the centre 4 patch.
 There were no rotary instructions for this block in the book or CD, so I had to use the templates. I don't like printing unnecessarily, so I made the templates on the computer screen and reduced it to about 88% - I checked the scale with my ruler and then measured each side of the templates. I next cut squares and triangles, 1/8 of an inch larger than the measurements.
I cut large squares that I cut diagonally to make the large pieces, and used the triangle ruler to cut the 'extension' triangles.
I constantly laid out the pieces to make sure I was sewing in the right direction - only had to unpick twice!
I folded each triangle in half along the perpendicular and used that as my sewing line.
I placed the long side of the smaller triangle along the long side of the larger triangle, and sewed along the fold.
Again, I checked the layout before cutting the ends off.
By using this method, I then stitch another row of stitches to the smaller end of the two triangles to make these mini two triangle pieces. Quilter friends have called me the queen of small pieces, as I don't like to waste any fabric. I will use these pieces somewhere. 
My thoughts on "Another Grandmother"
by Grandma, Nov 1937.
Grandma's letter was a bit sad. She was put in a position that she was hesitant about, but resolved to do to the best of her ability. We were lucky to grow up with an extended family. My Nanna (paternal) lived with us and we often saw our Grandma (maternal). My sister remembers our grandma taking us to pre-school. It is a rare thing today to have an extended family living with you. The wisdom and nurturing that Nanna and Grandma (and the Aunties an Uncles) gave us growing up, and even last week - thanks Auntie M - were/are part of what I am today. I gratefully thank them.
Sadly, both my Nanna and Grandma have passed, and I missed them, although I know they are looking over me always!
Today, I am the Nanna, and I treasure every moment I have with my granddaughters.
Grandma's letter also made me think about what we do as parents, grandparents, and even human beings. 
One does what needs to be done! 
It may seem difficult, but if it needs doing we will do it.

Life is full of challenges. 
Wise people assess the situation and deal with it. 
Foolish people run from it.

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