Monday, 28 September 2015

One more sleep.....

Thank you for your comments and personal messages, yesterday's post was good for me. It is great to be getting back to 'normal' ... what ever normal is!!!
I can't promise that I'll write each day, in fact I'm fairly sure I wont, maybe once a week will be the goal..... watch this space 

Today I sorted some fabric for Farmer's Wife Quilt Along.
It starts tomorrow at 7.30am, so one more sleep! I will have to do the housework after the blocks tomorrow, instead of before - but that's OK!
A FB friend in New Zealand asked if I was doing the Farmers Wife Quilt Along, I knew nothing about it, so she invited me to the FB quilt along page. To do the quilt along one needs a book - I tried to source it at libraries, no good, so I enquired at some book stores. There didn't appear to be any available but one store offered to order it in for me at a cost of approximately $49 Australian. I checked online and found I could order it via Amazon for $17 US plus $11 postage. $28 US converted to $37 AUS, so I ordered it. It arrived a few weeks later.
The book is written by Laurie Aaron Herd, and is a collection of letters from farmer's wives to a newspaper/magazine, during the 1930's. The 99 quilt blocks were inspired by these letters.
Here are all the details for the Farmers Wife 1930 sampler quilt.
I have a few 1920's and 1930's replica fabrics, but thought I may use some from the Downton Abbey Collection by Andover Fabrics (38 FQ) that I purchased a few years ago. 
I might also do some blocks in Christmas fabric for a Christmas quilt in 2016.

Happy Sewing

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