Sunday, 14 September 2014

Unexpected Find

In my haste to leave work on Friday,  I left my USB behind. All my work for the weekend was on that USB!  So,  this left me with little work to do this weekend. Lucky it is near the end of the term and I had already updated my class blog last week, and most work this week is planned and on the USB.

Anyway, yesterday morning as I was leisurely going through Twitter I came across a tweet that said something like 50 minutes until the start of a van block.  Mmmm interested! I clicked the link which took me to youtube.  WOW. Not only is this live broadcast at 10 am Australia time it was really interesting. I'll be checking it out next Saturday as well.

Simply Colorful FibreCast

So, Lynn, the presenter, was making a caravan block. Well I have been wanting to make a caravan block for ages ....... and as I had no weekend work with me .... so guess what I did?

The first thing Lynn suggested was to find some clipart of caravans. I found these four.

 I chose this one, and sort of following Lynn's video, started to put the block together.

I acquired a bag of fabric and was lucky enough to discover what looks like hand died fabrics.  I had already used some on Christmas gifts that I'm making and thought one would be perfect for a caravan.

After finishing the van, rather than putting it in a block,  I thought I would make it into a cover for my van sewing machine.

So off I go to finish.  Then back to Sassy Cats.

Happy Sewing


  1. Looking good so far. Can't wait to see it finished.

    1. Will certainly post an update - holidays soon Woo-Hoo

  2. What a cute idea. The colors look perfect.

    1. Thank you Dar. Not bad from scraps I had lying around after a previous project.