Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Ready for Merry Mayhem's 2014 One Day Mystery.

Internet is very intermittent here, so when I haven't been able to blog or FB I have been cutting and sewing.
I'm all ready for the one day mystery - which starts less than two hours - but that will be 1am, and I had better not wake the campers next door.

Everything is cut and prepared, all I need to do is read the first clue and start.
I am going to set the camp table up before I go to bed so when I awake in the morning I can get straight to it.
My 6" X 12" ruler is the only ruler I keep in the van, but as I was also doing Bonnie's Celtic Solstice, I had brought along my triangle ruler, so that came in very handy when I had to cut 6 7/8" squares.

As you can see I'm using pinks as my lights and purples and teals as my darks - SURPRISE SURPRISE!
All the squares - large and small all ready.

This is my van sewing machine. Cost me $100 about 25 years ago. 
Cost me $125 to get serviced last year.
Works so well and is great to travel with.

The last step was sewing half square triangles, which I was sewing above.
All the pieces ready to go go go....

Happy Sewing and Happy New Year

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