Monday, 20 January 2014

2014 Merry Mayhem Mystery tops

I had fun making the one day mystery. I did have to wait until I came home to put the blocks together as in the van my space was limited and it was difficult to work out the layout.

Here are the HST units I pre-made 

The large squares were also then made into HST's

All the little dog ears cut off

First step in sewing the units together. I miss read the instructions so half of the units were incorrect, but still looked good, so I didn't bother to unpick.

See they look good!

 I decided to make two smaller lap quilts rather than one large one. 
This is the first with the incorrect blocks.

Here are the two side by side.
One has all correct blocks the other not. 
I think both look good. They are now on my UFO stand waiting for borders.
I think I will do a thick pink and thin purple. What do you think?  

Happy sewing

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Ready for Merry Mayhem's 2014 One Day Mystery.

Internet is very intermittent here, so when I haven't been able to blog or FB I have been cutting and sewing.
I'm all ready for the one day mystery - which starts less than two hours - but that will be 1am, and I had better not wake the campers next door.

Everything is cut and prepared, all I need to do is read the first clue and start.
I am going to set the camp table up before I go to bed so when I awake in the morning I can get straight to it.
My 6" X 12" ruler is the only ruler I keep in the van, but as I was also doing Bonnie's Celtic Solstice, I had brought along my triangle ruler, so that came in very handy when I had to cut 6 7/8" squares.

As you can see I'm using pinks as my lights and purples and teals as my darks - SURPRISE SURPRISE!
All the squares - large and small all ready.

This is my van sewing machine. Cost me $100 about 25 years ago. 
Cost me $125 to get serviced last year.
Works so well and is great to travel with.

The last step was sewing half square triangles, which I was sewing above.
All the pieces ready to go go go....

Happy Sewing and Happy New Year