Thursday, 4 April 2013

Holiday Sewing

Holidays at last .... how I really wish I had more holidays, but I guess we all want and need more time to do want we want.

This trip is 9 days, so I took along Orca Mystery - with the hope that I would work on it some more - didn't and won't (it will be back on my design wall when we get home and I WILL work on it at home next week) and part 3 of the Plenty of Fish Mystery. I have finished both part 3A and 3B and only need to trim each component to size. This I will do today.

Sewing machine is packed away and cutting today and then blogging and enjoying the last few days away.

All the squares and triangles cut out ready to sew.

 Chain sewing the triangles for part 3a

 Peter went kayaking

 Sewing the triangles onto the squares

My sewing view :)

Happy sewing

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