Thursday, 27 December 2012

Easy Street Pt 5

Finished Part 5 today - now only have to complete Part 1 and I'm all caught up :)
I love sewing while camping - and I don't think I forgot anything this time.

 Cutting 2" purple squares

 Using a mechanical pencil to rule diagonal lines.

 All the squares cut.

 Sewing the small squares to the large squares.

 Bonnie suggested throwing away the crumbs cut from each side of the block, but I thought they were big enough to save :) ....... so, I sewed 3/8" on the 'discard' side of each triangle, then I cut 1/4" from the block stitching as Bonnie suggested.

 This what I am left with. I can make a lot of things out of 128 squares like this.

 Like this mini pin wheel block.

 Ironing all the blocks.

 I bought this mini travelling iron from Missouri Quilts for $10.90 - it's great for sewing camping.

 All 64 completed blocks.

 All the mini 'throw-away' blocks.

All the dog ears cut off.

Doing some sight-seeing today up in the hinterland, but will try to get some sewing in later.

Happy Sewing


  1. Like you, I also try to use all of the pieces. I use 1 1/2" strips a lot so the 1 1/2" bonus HSTs will work in my piecing somewhere! I even save the dog ears that I cut off and will make a dog bed to donate to the local shelter.

    1. That's great. I like looking at the 'dog ears' and would like to use them somehow, so maybe that would be a good use - I'll look into it, thanks.

  2. Your units look great. I'm impressed that you are doing all this while camping! I saved my crumb triangles too, and am making cute shoofly blocks. I hope we start joining units together this week - I'm itching to see how this is going to play out.

    1. Me too Sandra. Today I did the 4" x 2" black on white today, but ran out of time to do the 5 1/2" squares - we had to start packing up for our next site :)

  3. Looking good. I'm not quite as far along as you, but getting close. I'm curious as to what you are camping in -- RV, tent, cabin, ??? I love your tiny little iron to use with your tiny pinwheel blocks! So cute.

    1. I'm just so happy that I am this far Dar. I still haven't finished Orca from last year :)
      We are camping in a caravan. We tow it with a 4 wheel drive car. I keep a cheap, but good basic sewing machine in the van - also the little iron a mat/ironing board and 12" x 6" ruler. I brought my triangle ruler this trip just in case Bonnie wanted us to make some more triangles :)
      You can see the van here:

  4. Looking good! I'm also impressed that you are doing this while camping.

    Playing "spot the fabric" - I have both the fabrics I can see in your shot with the tiny iron in my Easy St, too.

    1. It's fun isn't it Vireya. I just love mystery quilts.