Tuesday, 2 October 2012

September Craftsy BOM finished

I love looking at other quilters blogs. I get so many new ideas and really good hints - then I feel there is not enough time to do all the 'new' things I've seen. I've been writing and sketching in my grid book all the projects I want to start, and I will start then ... one day.

So today I have been working on more curves to complete the two September BOM blocks.

 I thought I would show you how I've set up my colour stash for this BOM project.
As I am using two colours - purple and teal/aqua (with a little bit of green - which I think I might take out and re-do the blocks with green) and a light mauve with pale flower pattern as background, I have two plastic baskets. As I used another fabric for the different blocks, I added it to the basket. I tried to add at least one new fabric each block. That way it was easy for me to choose fabrics for the next block.

 I decided to cut 7" squares instead of 3 1/2" squares to save time. This also gave me circles as 'left overs' instead of pie shapes.

 Here are the all the arches and wedges cut out ready to sew.

I pin in the centre and then mid way between the end and centre and then the end. The centre and the two ends I pin a number of times and the midway points I pin only a few threads to allow for movement. Amy suggests this and it works a treat.

  Amy suggests having the wedge shape on the bottom so one can feed the arch in gently. At times the sewing is slow going, but it is worth it.

 A finished wedge.

 This shows how I finger press in half and in half again (quarters) to have marks to line up to.

 Block 1 -chain block pattern all laid out.

 I sewed each block to make a row, laid it out again to check and then sewed each row together.

 Finished block - just needs to be trimmed.

 The second block was Cleopatra's Puzzle Block. Here all the pieces are laid out.

 Finished block :-)

For now, I need to do the October blocks for Craftsy, so in November we can start to put the quilt together. I also need to make 5 Christmas Stockings, one for each grand daughter and 3 for orders. I don't know why I can't say NO when someone asks me to make them something. I am time poor!!!! Aren't all quilters time poor? 

What is the one project you HAVE to get finished sooner, rather than later?



  1. They are fine. Nice colors. I have to do the September blocks to. Hope to do it soon.
    Have a nice day.

    1. Thank you Fredrika. I need to get a move on with the last blocks now - only a few days until we see how the blocks go together.
      How did you go with your blocks? I found them easy after a while.

  2. Your blocks turned out beautifully, I especially like the second one.

    1. Thank you Candace. I think that fabric is the most beautiful, only wish I had purchased more.