Saturday, 22 September 2012

Thank Goodness it's Holidays

I still feel a sense of relief when school holidays start - even though I always have a lot of school planning and assessing and reporting and other school related things to do, but at least I can do it at my own pace. These holidays we are not going away in the van, so I should have a little more time to spend blogging.

First day today I decided to finish a project so I could have the good feeling of achieving something.
I chose to finish my adorable grand daughters quilt Ava's quilt. Ava lives in England. She is two years old and has visited Australia twice.

When we were travelling to Victoria in March 2011, I found this beautiful panel that said ADORABLE on it. Ava's name is ALWAYS VERY ADORABLE.

So here it is.
Quilt top all laid out 
 It took me ages to find the fabric to make the border, and then I found the most perfect fleecy for the backing.
 I used a thin light green solid fabric as the binding.

 I stitched Ava's name on the quilt.
 And of course a label
 The finished size is 95cm X 130 cm (37.5" X 51")
Showing the back of the quilt.

Now what should I finish now? Maybe the jar wall hanging.

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