Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Home again

Had a lovely time in the van, but all things come to an end. Back home, I did some more of the Australian Wildflowers Quilt (for a friend) and did the pink stripy blocks for Orca. I then started a bookshelf wall-hanging that I have wanted to do for years.

 Sewing the sashing onto the blocks

 The almost finished quilt top. Still have to add the wadding and the backing and do some quilting.
The lady I'm finishing it for has already done some of the quilting, so I now have to match what she has already done AND fussy cut the wadding to fit around.

 It does look great and I'll make one for me too one day.

I have wanted to make this wall hanging for almost 4 years, and have never had time to do it.
I did think it would take a long time to make, but was surprised at how quick it was to make.
It did take a long time to plan, and record the 100 book titles.
I should say here, the reason for making this wall hanging was for the 100 days of school clebration.
Our school celebrates each year, but I only do a big celebration once every two years. 

First I ironed fabric onto freezer paper, so I could print the 100 book titles.

I also decided to add some photos of my beautiful grand-daughters.
I choose kids books and history books and Scottish books and of course Quilting books.
I added some funny titles too, like Cutting Trees by Tim Burr.

I then sewed each strip to black fabric to make the background of the book shelves.

A lot of ironing was done at each step.

I next combined different titles to make each section of the shelves.

I laid out each section onto a 'shelf' and changed and changed until I had what I was happy with.

This became the bottom shelf  - kids books.

Here is the almost finished top. I still have to add the stands for the photo frames and a vase and maybe my glasses and a teapot. That will be the task for tomorrow.

Happy Sewing


  1. Wow, no wonder your bookcase quilt has taken 4 years, you would need that time to think about how to go about making it, I imagine.

    Love the Aussie wild flowers quilt. No wonder you want to make one for yourself as well. I have a pattern tucked away somewhere for a New Zealand flowers quilts, must did it out and put it on top of the wish list. There's always so much we want to do, isn't there?

    1. You are right Jenny. The thinking part was the longest!! It's taken two days of sewing and I still have the embellishments to go. I did the stands for the bookshelf this morning, and now I'm back to thinking what else to do.