Friday, 6 April 2012

Sew I'm camping :-)

Away for two weeks and had to decide what sewing to bring. 
Always hard when there are so many projects to be done. 
I was going to bring the Orca quilt to work on, but that would have involved so much fabric, so decided on some owl blocks, scotty dog blocks and new I Spy blocks. 
The Scotty and I Spy ideas are from friends, but the owl is all mine - well I did ask for some owl patterns from friends, but ended up finding some photos on line and I adapted one of those. 
I did have to buy some more fabric - always a chore (:-D not!!).

This is what I bought from Spotlight - on sale!!!

After many designs and drawings I decided on a wall hanging for a friend.
Here is the design and templates cut.

I cut the main template with the three layers of fabric. Cut from 6.5" strip of fabric.

This gave me three different owl designs.

Another project was a Scotty Dog quilt block. Here I've made the template.

Template traced on double fabric and pinned.

I made a row - a total of 18 Scotties

Here are twelve of the Scotties and the three owls on the background squares.

I used this new basting spray, which was ok. I sprayed and then put in place and then sewed, but it really didn't hold the pieces too securely. I'll go back to freezer paper or fusible webbing. 
Might be ok for putting the three layers together - watch this space. 

This is my new sewing machine - this is the first time I have used it.
Quilters that travel will know that a traveling machine is a must.
I have a little Elna which I've had for almost 30 years - and I bought it 2nd hand!!!
In January it started making a really annoying squeaking noise, and service was going to cost $200 plus so....
.... Peter bought me this machine, brand new, reduced from $399 to $150 to a one day special of $99.
Well .................................
it has the same annoying squeaking noise!! GRRRRRRR 

It does sew very well, but the noise!!! You can't have noise when one is in a Caravan Park :-( 
Note the lovely Bellinger River out the back window.

Sewing the Scotties

Sewn at different angles and some with jackets.

A blurry (sorry) finished block. I'm not happy with the way the new machine does satin stitch. Guess that will have to be done on home sewing machine. My old Elna only did straight and zig-zag, this one does a lot more, but not what I need, so mental note - only bring projects for straight sewing or hand sewing.

So, while I was cutting, spraying and sewing ......
my boys were ......
playing games on phone

and fishing!!!!!!

Happy Holidays and happy sewing.

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  1. Wow you've been busy Alli. Love all your blocks - can't wait to see the finished owls. Maybe a drop of oil in your new machine may make it a bit quieter ? Enjoy your Easter weekend :)