Sunday, 26 February 2012

Can't wait to try this one

Haven't been well the last few weeks, and really wanted to get the stripy quilt finished this weekend, but really all I have done is sleep. Guess I must of needed it.

Anyway, have spent the last hour going through emails and a quilting friends shared this link:

... reminded me of my stripy quilt and I so want to make this one now!!

What is it about quilters ... they dream sewing ...bit never have enough time.

Fingers crossed I have time to sew this week.

Happy sewing

Monday, 6 February 2012

Stripey Quilt

I love holidays. Can't get enough of them!!!
I love being able to do what I want to do - sew, read, sew, family tree, sew.....
So, while away in January, I also started a Stripey Kit that I had purchased over 2 years ago from my local quilting shop 'down the road'.

I cut all the squares while at Forster - despite the wind!

 I finished all the blocks at home.

I still can't decide on the layout - I tried this...

 ...and this....

But think I like this 'random' layout the best.

Not sure when I'll sew the blocks together.

Happy Sewing

Craftsy BOM

 I'm in a FaceBook Quilting Group and the members are so great. Someone is always looking on the net for new projects. This is one of them. It's a Block of the Month quilt, and each month two blocks are made. By Christmas I should have a lovely quilt.

I love seeing what everyone else is doing.
I started while away on holidays, and I am using many of the colours I used for both the Orca Quilt and the Chips and Strips Quilt :-). I like these colours.

I did HAVE to go :-) to the local quilt shop to purchase some more fat quarters.

Here I am all set up. I have the Craftsy BOM instructions on my ipad. Beautiful day in Forster. 

Block One - slashed block

Slashed Block Number Two

Here they are pegged up on the awning of the van.

Now to February Blocks Three and Four - using half square triangles.

Now I'm home I can go to my stash to get extra fabric - this is what I can up with.

Block 3
The Balkan Puzzle Block

I tried the layout two ways and decided on the dark in the centre.

Block 4
Chunky Chevron Block

So here are the 4 blocks so far

I think tonight I will get out some Christmas material and make some more blocks :-)

Happy Quilting