Sunday, 27 November 2011

Weekend's over - back to work in the morning.....

Have really enjoyed sewing this weekend. I find it very calming and relaxing. I'm enjoying the Orca Mystery quilt - still haven't finished part 1 yet, but will the next few nights. Think I'll leave the trimming of the dog ears until we are travelling after Christmas - that will be an easy task to do every now and then.

 I'm using purple's as my dark fabric and creams as my background.
I wasn't sure how the dot patterned fabric would look, but I think it looks good. I have a lot of that material, so it might come in useful as a border - if the mystery quilt has one :-)
Happy Quilting


  1. I like the colours of your quilt. I like bright colours too.

    Greetz from Holland

  2. Hi Allison

    Found your blog on Quilting Bloggers, so hello from New Zealand. I am interested in the new Orca Mystery Quilt too but as I haven't yet finished the previous one yet I better not start. I see that you have a caravan too, so do we and enjoy our trips away.

  3. Looking lovely, what other colours are you using?
    I too still have step one to finish! I have finished step two, three & four.Exciting to see what tomorrow's step will be.....another hello from a New Zealander!

  4. Your hourglass units look great :)