Sunday, 13 November 2011

...and one week later...

A week spent working each day and doing reports each night. Am so keen to do some more sewing.
Yesterday I went out to two material shops to find just the right batiks I need for the exchange block group I'm in. I thought I already had the right material, but when I made the block it just didn't look 'right'. I'll use the block somewhere else - nothing ever goes to waste. So now I have 5 blocks to make before the end of November. Maybe I'll get to do some tonight.
Today, I have the weeks planning to do and then the final comments on the reports before printing and exchanging the reports with a colleague for proofing. BUT next weekend will be all mine - after a staff picnic on Saturday.
Once I've finished the exchange blocks I'm starting a mystery quilt. It starts next week. I still need to get the material out, but I'm thinking purples and greens at this stage. We'll see. Each week there will be more instructions, but I think it will take me longer than a week -LOL.
If any one would like to join in check out the first instructions here

Happy Quilting

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