Sunday, 27 November 2011

Weekend's over - back to work in the morning.....

Have really enjoyed sewing this weekend. I find it very calming and relaxing. I'm enjoying the Orca Mystery quilt - still haven't finished part 1 yet, but will the next few nights. Think I'll leave the trimming of the dog ears until we are travelling after Christmas - that will be an easy task to do every now and then.

 I'm using purple's as my dark fabric and creams as my background.
I wasn't sure how the dot patterned fabric would look, but I think it looks good. I have a lot of that material, so it might come in useful as a border - if the mystery quilt has one :-)
Happy Quilting

Happy Sunday

Got a lot of ME things done yesterday.
*I now have 146 hour glass blocks complete in the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt. Woo hoo - only 98 to go!! I received  another exchange block - that's 6 - 6 still to come - then I can start thinking how to put them together. Then it will go in my UFO file LOL - I love the patchwork part, and quilting is good, but not as much fun.
*I also did some more of two photo books for Christmas - have to get them finished (and a third) by mid December, that's when the vouchers expire :-)

Off to hopefully finish the hour glass blocks and then sadly they will go into a box until after Christmas when I can continue with Part 2.

Happy Quilting

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Wonderful Weekend

So lovely to have a weekend to myself. With work almost finished for the year, and no planning to be done - well for a month - I'm free to do what I want. MMMM maybe some sewing hee hee.
Still doing part one of the ORCA BAY MYSTERY, even though part two is out now. Will finish part one and then I'll have to get started on some Christmas presents.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Just keep sewing .... just keep cutting ..... just keep sewing .... iron iron iron ...

Started the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt. Lots of cutting and sewing. This week is making hour glass blocks - 224 blocks are needed. Have really enjoyed having time to sew, and I'm going to take advantage of this time and keep going.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Exchange blocks finished

Spent most of the weekend sewing to complete the exchange blocks. Gee they look good. Will post photos after everyone receives them :-). I am happy with most of them. One had to be redone 3 times - and I still didn't get it right, so had to improvise. All that is left to do now is to either find postcards or make my own; iron the blocks and mail them :-).
Next is to get started on the Orca Mystery
I have thought about the material choices, and think I will go with
3 bold colours - pinks/reds 3 yards, teal/turquoise 1.5 yards and purples 2 yards
background - creams 3 yards

So off to cut a little.
Happy sewing

Sunday, 13 November 2011

...and one week later...

A week spent working each day and doing reports each night. Am so keen to do some more sewing.
Yesterday I went out to two material shops to find just the right batiks I need for the exchange block group I'm in. I thought I already had the right material, but when I made the block it just didn't look 'right'. I'll use the block somewhere else - nothing ever goes to waste. So now I have 5 blocks to make before the end of November. Maybe I'll get to do some tonight.
Today, I have the weeks planning to do and then the final comments on the reports before printing and exchanging the reports with a colleague for proofing. BUT next weekend will be all mine - after a staff picnic on Saturday.
Once I've finished the exchange blocks I'm starting a mystery quilt. It starts next week. I still need to get the material out, but I'm thinking purples and greens at this stage. We'll see. Each week there will be more instructions, but I think it will take me longer than a week -LOL.
If any one would like to join in check out the first instructions here

Happy Quilting

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Where has the time gone.......?

I've been so busy with work, that all I could do with my sewing was to think about it.
Well, last night I finally cleared off my sewing table and part of my cutting table and today cut some new strips for a quilt block exchange. I already had strips cut, but then found better material so decided to change some. My plan was to do two blocks (I only have five to go) and then go back to complete my school work planning - well you know......... One thing leads to another, I did finish two blocks, and did some crazy patch for a special project (can't show you here), and now I'm having a break before going back to start a baby quilt.

Ahhhhh ........ gee I wish I had time to just sew and quilt.
Until next time - happy quilting