Friday, 16 September 2011

Next Adventure Starts Tomorrow

I've just spent the last two hours sorting material to take away in the van, only to realise what I wanted to make would mean taking too much material - I know, I know - one can never have too much material BUT I do only have limited space. So after selecting and sorting and putting some back and taking some out I decided not to do the project I planned, but to make a star wall hanging from a kit I purchased almost a year age - 2nd October - in a quilt store in Kitchen Kettle, Intercourse, Pennsylvania.

Our Adventure this time is only short, and local, well in the next state. Still have wonderful memories of our U.S. Canada trip - this time last year we were in Memphis, staying at the end of Lonely Street at the Heartbreak Hotel.

An early start tomorrow, so goodnight.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Busy day today

Didn't get any sewing done, but did tidy my desk so I can begin to cut some material to take away on holidays.
Fingers crossed I can do some cutting tomorrow.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Here we are..... the journey continues...

Almost end of school term, most preparation is complete, so I can spend more time sewing. I have so many UFO's and will list them as time goes on, and WILL endeavour to finish them one day :-)
My current project is a collection of 12 of my favourite blocks to send in an Exchange Block Project. There are twelve ladies in this project and I have all their favourite colours. The materials have been chosen and I have cut some. I know exactly what block I'm making as I do have a favourite block, with lots of close seconds.

So, I have the design on paper, and material chosen, with some cut. Label will form part of the block, and I'm happy with that. will need to print the labels this week before I can complete the blocks. Think I will start with the same colour blocks and go from there.
Happy Quilting