Monday, 28 May 2018

Winter is coming

As the cold weather begins I'm looking forward to traveling to the warmer (by day at least), central Australia, and lots of hand sewing to be going on. I am already starting to pack a box of fabric to take. I haven't been doing a lot of hand sewing at home - too many other things that need to get done and of course I have my machines. I am a little behind with the fussy cutting hexies, but that's ok!! May is a month of favourites - Week 19 favourite colour, well pink of course!
Week 20 -favourite fabric, well so many to choose from, and it was really hard to fussy cut. Just as well I like crazy units! Week 21 is favourite house, so I need to find my Tula Pink fabric. So many favourite fabrics, but Tula Pink is what I'm collecting at the moment, so it must be my favourite.
Week 22 is favourite cutting style - well that will be interesting. I've not long been doing fussy cutting and feel I'm still learning, so I guess I'll be doing a 'framing' flower - the only one I feel confident doing.

I finished the Spring Fling Mystery by Simply Colorful and really like the pattern. I substituted blue/teal instead of green; dark purple instead of dark blue; pink instead of magenta. I'm very happy with my choices.
After looking at some other quilters colour choices, I think I'll have to make another one 😍.
 I have only finished one block from the new hexie sewalong, block 8 .... but road trip coming up so .....
So that's it for a few weeks, till we are on the road.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Lots of Hand Sewing Going On!

We got back from a last minute 'bargain' cruise yesterday and today, Sunday, I am doing what I usually do on a Saturday at home - catching up on YouTube with Angela Waters Quiltalong and Midnight Quilter; as well as Simply Colorful; and of course Jenny at Missouri Star Quilt Company. While watching, I am catching up on social media with my Photo a Day and #fussycuttingsewalong and of course blogging.
I have finished the April theme of Spring in the #fussycuttingsewalong, and waiting on the new theme for May. These are hand sewn blocks, so are great when traveling and to pick up when watching a bit of TV.
Also the other hand sewing project - the new hexies is coming along slowly. Love a challenge, and I am getting good at making templates from many different recycled papers.
I'm about to start a new mystery quilt with Simply Colorful- and I am already 4 clues behind, but no pressure! Tonight I will not go to bed until I have at least chosen the fabrics.
Talking about Mystery Quilts, this week I re-discovered a couple of sites that have BOM or Mystery quilts: BOM Quilts and Quilt Doodle Doodles, so I have plenty to do 😀.
Oh, and I really should start Be My Neighbour blocks to use up some fabric scraps..... and .........

Saturday, 14 April 2018

April sewing

When I'm at home, Saturday's are the day I catch up on YouTube sewing - Midnight Quilter, Bonnie Hunter - QuiltCam, Missouri Quilts and Fibrecast - and cruising vlogs, currently my favourite is Sea Cruisers. After I'm YouTubed out I watch Netflix. I do this while I am sewing and catching up on my blogs. It is a ME day!! It was a habit I got into when working, as one needs at least one day a week to de-stress. Now that I'm not working it is still good to have a day to myself doing what I want (not what I should be doing). Today on Bonnie's it was really interesting, she was talking about the leader / enders quilt - REMINDER, I must sew all those blocks together - and so many other interesting and basic things. I really enjoyed it - even though Bonnie was having a bad day. It made me think about how Bonnie is 'sew' accurate (and I try to be) and Midnight Quilter is 'sew' stress free. So I aim for perfection, but certainly don't stress if the blocks aren't perfect. It is all about being happy.
I'm now in the fourth month of the fussy cutting hexie challenge, and I am learning a lot about fussy cutting. The theme for March was 'animals' - see above, and this month it is Spring. I guess the challenge is coming from the northern hemisphere 😇. While posting on Instagram I came across another hexie sewalong using 'new' hexies - so of course another challenge especially while traveling. The New Hexagon Book is an English paper piecing book with 52 different or new hexies. So here we go:
I'm not sure how I will put them together, or if I will make place mats, maybe? Any ideas will be gratefully accepted 💟.