Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Farmers Wife #78 Old Maid

The first block for week 4 is #78 Old Maid. Lots of points and half square triangles.

Here is the tutorial to go with this block - GnomeAngel tutorial.

For this block I decided to print out the template to work out the size of the two triangles. I then went to my Fons & Porter half and quarter square ruler.
I cut 2" strips of the fabrics and cut the required triangles.
I was able to cut both the large triangle and the small triangle from the 2" strip using different sections of the ruler.
I still like to pin in many places to make sure the points come out crisp and sharp.
 I did have to unpick a few pieces to get the points correct, but all in all I am happy with the finished blocks.

Thoughts on East, West, Home's Best
by Miss Homemaker Feb 1936
Miss Homemaker talks about having to reluctantly leave work and return home to look after her father. She saw this as her responsibility. After time she came to believe that what she was doing was meant more to her than anything she could have achieved in her professional career.

We make plans for ourselves and our family. We plan towards those goals. Sometimes 'hic-ups' occur and we need to change those plans. Sometimes the changes work out well, sometimes we perceive them not to work out well. No matter where we lived or what we were doing, we had a plan. Yes the plan would change with circumstances.
We were on track with our plan, we had future schools chosen, holidays planned etc.  Then we were offered a job promotion to Canberra. At the same time we discovered our son was profoundly deaf (we later found out he was also Aspergers). I didn't want to move, but we did. Plans were adjusted. We bought a lovely house house in Canberra - the best layout of house we have ever had. The weather was awful. We knew no one BUT, I did have family living there. It became a time of re-connecting with my family, that we only saw at the occasional family gathering. We so enjoyed going to 'family dinners' and just visiting family. It brought us closer to our extended family. Another advantage of this change was for our son. Being profoundly deaf, he was offered all the resources that could be possible - we had 3 times a week visits from a teacher for the hearing impaired. Our son was 6 months old when we arrived. We had weekly group therapy sessions for him. We had regular appointments with ENT's and OT's and ST's - all paid for by the ACT Government. The change was good - very good - in the end.  
We next moved to Cairns. Again I didn't want to go. However, in Cairns we settled and a new plan was made. We loved living there. Everything was going to plan. That plan was changed when we once again moved - back to Brisbane.
The most recent big change was, and still is, a traumatic change, most unexpected, that I am going through, and of course it affects my whole family. I am still working through it, and I know it will work out in the end.... but at times the end seems so far away.
This Farmers Wife sew along is helping, probably in way that no one, especially myself, thought was possible.
We are all in control of our lives and our plans, and yes, it is good to have a plan to work towards, but plans change and we need to adapt.

I strongly believe that God has a plan, and although it may seem a strange plan at times, it always seems to turn for the best in the end.

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  1. Hi Allison (2nd comment, the first one disappeared before my eyes!)
    So sorry to read that you are going through a tough time at the moment - my thoughts are with you. As you say, doing something you love, like sewing, does help in the bad times, to take your mind off your troubling thoughts for a while. Hang in there.
    Jenny over here in New Zealand