Thursday, 22 October 2015

Farmers Wife Block #49 - Katherine

There appears to be three blocks this week, not really sure! I went to post my pic in the FW photo album for #49, only to find another new album #94 Susannah.
A similar block, but not the same.
I did not follow the templates, I cut rectangle and squares to make this block.
I then laid out each piece ready for sewing.

 I drew a diagonal sewing line on the back of the squares.
After sewing along the line, and I chain stitched, I stitched another line on the shorter side. I next cut the end 'triangles off (see below).
 I find this a better way for me, as I am not tempted to stretch the edges that would normally be cut on the cross of the fabric. I am left with the desired piece for the block and a lovely tiny half square triangle square.
 I then laid out the pieces ready for sewing together.
As I am not pressing my seams open, I make sure that the seams will fit together when sewing. I usually press to the dark, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Worked this time. I also like the little four patch that is made on the back of the block - helps the block to lay flat.
Sew, I mean so, for the little squares left over...
... I can make pinwheel or cheveron or many types of mini blocks to be used elsewhere. Some of these will be sewn onto a jacket I am making from one of my mother's jumpers.
My thoughts on the letter 'From Ironclad Shoes to Roses'
by Mrs H. B. C. Feb 1931
Mrs H. B. C. reminisces about her life, the hard times and the good times.
We all experience good and hard times, in varying degrees. Sometimes more effort is needed to get past the hard times, and sometimes it is out of our control and we need to move on. I was going to say 'simply' move on - but it is not always that easy. 
We do , however, need to focus on the good and move on. 
Hard choices need to be made, and sometimes unexpected choices will lead to the good times. Throughout all the hard times, I can look back and see the good times that followed, and maybe those hard times needed to happen to make the good times.
They were hard times back then!
But for now I need to focus on the good times.

When things go bad just look up at the sky and smile because God had given you bad times to get you stronger.

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