Saturday, 17 October 2015

Farmers Wife #24 Coral

I enjoyed doing block #24 and I'm happy with the way the points are showing.

You can find the GnomeAngel tutorial is here.

As I am rotary cutting and machine sewing, I changed the four large triangles into rectangles and diagonally sewed squares to each side to make the flying geese pieces on each side.
 You can see it clearer here.
 To produce this..
The blocks were quick to make.
My thoughts on 'Take Time for Enjoyment'
by More Fun, Oct 1936
'More Fun' talks about being a busy farmer's wife, and making the time to spend "little whiles" with her children during her busy day. 
Following on from last post #13 and 'Merry Christmas', it's the people who count, not the things around us. This post is about treasuring what you have now, because tomorrow they may be gone. Life is not certain, things happen, and no matter what our goals and dreams are, we should be living for today. Yes, we still need goals and dreams but not at the expense of those around us. 
I recall the Cat Stevens song 'Father and Son' - that says it all.
In today's fast pace world we are too busy working to have time for our family and friends, let alone ourselves. Work stress and inexcusable increasing work load and hours, often lead to neglect of our family and friends. When we are not working we are to tired to spend time with loved ones.
'More Fun' says "Take Time for Enjoyment" - we all need to do that.

Make the time - life is too short not to!
Children are the rainbow of life ~
Grandchildren are the pot of gold!
Enjoy them now.

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