Sunday, 29 December 2013

Celtic Solstice - part 5

I must be in holiday mode ..... I had to 'draw' what was to be done in today's clue. Not that it was hard - it wasn't, but I just couldn't get my head around it to understand what I needed to do - LOL.
Worked out fine.

This is where I'm storing my sewing boxes.

Part 5 started - cutting the 2.5inch half square triangles.

The completed units waiting to be ironed with my new $10 cordless iron.
Worked so well and was great not to have a cord always get in the way of the little pieces.

Completed units wating for the 'dog ears' to be cut off.

Now I'm ready for part 6. Don't forget to check Bonnie's Blog.

Today I will cut out the pieces for the Merry Mayhem Mystery 2013.

Happy Sewing

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Celtic Solstice catch up

I am blogging this just before I start part 5 - yay - all caught up.
I am also multi-tasking - washing, changing sheets, general tidying before making my sewing 'mess.'

Part Two
Creating chevron units

Bonnie suggests that the off cuts be thrown out BUT - I'm Scottish, don't waste a thing :)
Here I have made a mini pinwheel from the off cuts - I do this instead of using my anchor cloth.

Part three - pinwheels

My sewing view!

Part 4 - four patch units
I could have hung these up as Christmas decorations!

While I have been waiting for the nest clue in the mystery, I did some sewing of the Sassy Cats blocks.

.... And who would have thought that one would need a quilt on the bed in the middle of summer. The weather at night was quite cold. Last night was perfect - so off came the quilt.
Do you remember this one? It is last years Quiltville Mystery - Easy Street.
Happy sewing

Friday, 27 December 2013

Merry Christmas

I have enjoyed sewing while away in the van. I brought with me Vicki's Sassy Cats mystery, a special gift (still secret) and Bonnie Hunter's Celtic Solstice. There are also two mystery quilts starting on New Years Day. I will be doing the Merry Mayhem mystery and my be another one.
So this is what I have been doing.  I started part one of Celtic Solstice Mystery. I used a template to cut the pieces.

Happy sewing

Thursday, 19 December 2013

I've been busy

Well I've worked out that I can't include widgets or symbols. I can insert pictures but can't resize them - ☆ hope I don't run out of space ¤

I started the holidays finishing off My House is my Castle. Not sure what I'll do with it now. Maybe a wall hanging or a child's quilt.  I did enjoy doing it and am getting good use to paper piecing.

 Next I finished last years Bonnie Hunter's Easy Street. We did use it in the an unfinished with safety pins and basting but this week I had time to finish the quilt get the binding get on. It's now in the van waiting for the colder weather.

.... and then there was the Christmas presents and orders to fill. I love my embroidery machine. I made a few different mug rugs this year for Christmas.

Now I'm working on Bonnie Hunter's 2013 Mystery Celtic Solstice. 


Christmas sewing finished

Busy time of late finishing Christmas gifts and orders. I now have time to blog - made easier on my new Christy present. 😊

Watch this space - going to fiddle with the photos before uploading. 

Happy sewing 


Saturday, 30 November 2013

Been awhile....

Spare time is rare, so I make a choice to sew rather than blog. With the 'paid' job coming to an end for the year, I should have time to do both.

There are many new BOM's starting this time of the year, and in the new year. How many will I get started and finished ..... as many as I can. Of course, my version of finished is the quilt tops :)

I've started a new BOM called Sassy Cats. Vicki from Vicki's Fabric Creations has created this quilt from embroidery from BFC Creations. Vicki is also creating blocks to go with BFC free 10 Anniversary designs. I will start that one soon.
 Block 1
 Block 2

My Home is my Castle is almost finished.

Miss Cooper requested I make her a cow quilt - not sure why she wanted a cow quilt, she loves ponies, but here it is.

Now, however, it is all about Christmas. San Francisco Stitch Co has a five week block a week for Christmas. I was going to make multiple blocks to make a quilt, but really in Australia we don't use quilts much in Summer. Block 1 was a Christmas present.
 The embroidery was interesting as I have not used this technique before. Really liked the effect.
 ....and then I decided to add a gift tag. Might turn some into Christmas mug rugs.

I also made some of different sizes.
That's it for now .. back to sewing


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Doing some web surfing

...well Youtube surfing.

Check this one out.


Monday, 12 August 2013

All up to date with 'Castle'

The thing with being up to date with one project means now I have to wait for the next part - 19 days to go........

It is looking good, and I'm starting to enjoy paper piecing - might even do the Craftsy one :)

 Here are the first 4 blocks - starting to look good.

May Block

 Five done - seven to go!

June Block
July Block - I placed a fairy with blonde hair in one of the windows and will make her Rapunzal - with golden hair - as Cooper would say.
 August Block - now that I'm thinking embellishments, maybe a soldier or two at the gates, and maybe a water well, and maybe ..............

All eight blocks sewn together - now to wait for the last four.

I have been doing a lot of unpicking - still getting use to the fabric charts and symbols.

Happy sewing

Sunday, 21 July 2013

My Home is my Castle

This is a BOM that started in January. I have been collecting each month, but didn't have and couldn't find the right fabric for the sky - that was until I went through a box of pyjama material and found the perfect sky.
So three weeks ago I started with January. The BOM is from Ula's Quiltpage and comes out the beginning of each month. See button on left.

It is a paper piecing project, so I had to check my Craftsy classes to watch Amy Gibson's video on paper piecing. I can do this!

 The beginning fabric I've chosen. I love the sky fabric

Block 1 - January
 So far, so good. Carefully sewing along the lines.

 Finished Block 1 

Block 2 - February
 Finished Block 2 - un-ironed :)
I'm using different fabric for the windows, trying to make it interesting.

LOL - look at DH's legs.

Happy Sewing

Friday, 19 July 2013

A New BOM - Shabby Roses Home by Jenny of ELEFANT

A quilting friend posted on FB about a new BOM.
Should I start a new one?
I always have so many to do - but this one is really pretty.

So yes I think I should :)

Each month on the 19th two new blocks will be released -see button on left for all the details and to download the first two blocks.

Have fun.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sewing Saturday

I spend a lot of time taking photos and thinking what I will write on the blog - yet each time I actually have time to 'blog' I feel I've neglected the blog!!

As I logged on I was surprised to see that my last entry was April 11 - oh my goodness.

So, today I plan to sew - I will be doing Part 5 of Plenty of Fish Mystery AND finishing my sister's place mat AND finishing another place mat AND starting a baby face washer collection. Who knows when I'll have time to blog about today :)

So here is what I've been doing since April 11!!!

 Part 4 -Plenty of Fish Mystery

I did buy a new sewing machine :). I have a Husqvarna Rose machine that sews beautifully and I do most of my patchwork and quilting on the Hasqvarna. However, when I wanted to start downloading embroidery patterns, the Husqvarna would no longer allow me to! 
I spent months talking to sewing machine specialists and corresponding with Husqvarna to solve the problem without success. The only suggestion from Husqvarna was to purchase their new updated hardware and software - which "should" work. 
WELL!!!! After spending many thousands on the original machine, be it 9 years ago, I was not prepared to spent a further $1800 on something that "should" work.
SO .... I purchased a new Janome Memory Craft - for the same price.
I followed tutorials from YouTube and it is very easy to use. I love it.
So, this is machine number 4.
 I downloaded a collection of Fairies from BFC-Creations

 My first embroidery on the new machine.

I've finished the top except for one border. Next step will be putting it together.
Think I will piece a section of the back also.
 Putting the section together. I decided to design irregular blocks that would all fit together, therefore creating an illusion of randomness (is there such a word?).

 Waiting for the border.

My next project is a 'cow' quilt for Cooper LOL. 
Cooper was really taken with these cut outs and asked if it was for her.

Back to sewing now
Happy Sewing