Saturday, 4 May 2013

Sewing Saturday

I spend a lot of time taking photos and thinking what I will write on the blog - yet each time I actually have time to 'blog' I feel I've neglected the blog!!

As I logged on I was surprised to see that my last entry was April 11 - oh my goodness.

So, today I plan to sew - I will be doing Part 5 of Plenty of Fish Mystery AND finishing my sister's place mat AND finishing another place mat AND starting a baby face washer collection. Who knows when I'll have time to blog about today :)

So here is what I've been doing since April 11!!!

 Part 4 -Plenty of Fish Mystery

I did buy a new sewing machine :). I have a Husqvarna Rose machine that sews beautifully and I do most of my patchwork and quilting on the Hasqvarna. However, when I wanted to start downloading embroidery patterns, the Husqvarna would no longer allow me to! 
I spent months talking to sewing machine specialists and corresponding with Husqvarna to solve the problem without success. The only suggestion from Husqvarna was to purchase their new updated hardware and software - which "should" work. 
WELL!!!! After spending many thousands on the original machine, be it 9 years ago, I was not prepared to spent a further $1800 on something that "should" work.
SO .... I purchased a new Janome Memory Craft - for the same price.
I followed tutorials from YouTube and it is very easy to use. I love it.
So, this is machine number 4.
 I downloaded a collection of Fairies from BFC-Creations

 My first embroidery on the new machine.

I've finished the top except for one border. Next step will be putting it together.
Think I will piece a section of the back also.
 Putting the section together. I decided to design irregular blocks that would all fit together, therefore creating an illusion of randomness (is there such a word?).

 Waiting for the border.

My next project is a 'cow' quilt for Cooper LOL. 
Cooper was really taken with these cut outs and asked if it was for her.

Back to sewing now
Happy Sewing 

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