Saturday, 16 June 2012

From the beach..

Been away in the van, and catching up on Orca Quilt.

 These are all the bits and pieces from home - all sorted and ready to sew. 

I added the blocks to make the first row.

This is the second row all sewn.

First lot of rows ready. BUT - I ran out of pink material for the strip piecing triangles.
So now I will have to wait until I get home to make some more to finish the top.
See my little quilting iron - great for quick block ironing.

 While away I had to go to Spotlight to buy some material - like I need material - but quilters out there will know that one's stash can never be too big.
There was a special on fat quarters, so I ended up with 20 of them.

 I also got some new release fabric that was on special. I'm going to make some cushions for Bethie, and some little girl lap quilts. With the cakes the little ones will be good for applique and the big ones in a alternate block quilt - maybe a nine patch.

 When I had done as much as I could of the Orca blocks I decided to make a quick baby quilt with the nursery rhyme material and some of the fat quarters.

I cut 2.5" off the end of the fat quarters and proceeded to sew them together at random lengths.
Peter then arrived, so sewing machine was packed away under the bed until next time.

NOW - the plan is .... a bit of housekeeping - provided I don't get scared by the mouse - and then sewing. 
Don't want to think about school work for at least another two weeks!

Happy sewing.


  1. Hi Alli. I love your Orca Bay colours - its going to be beautiful!!!

    1. If I ever finish it Rhianon!!! LOL
      I live in hope :-)

  2. You seem very well organised for sewing in your caravan! Good on you. I usually just take hand sewing away with me when we travel. Perhaps next time I will take the sewing machine.

    1. I was lucky to be able to buy a cheap sewing machine for $99 and it 'lives' in the van. Can only use it if we are staying in the same place for a couple of days or more. The trick to being organised is taking something to do. I've now packed three books - a fat quarter book; a jelly roll book and a scrap quilt book. Now I will always have something to do - just need a fabric shop :-)