Saturday, 18 June 2016

Farmer's Wife # 23 Charlotte

Charlotte was hand pieced in two halves. I'm not sure if I should sew them together, or keep them as halves to use in the finished quilt. The problem is that I have not decided how I am going to finish the quilt, other than machine sew it. I could do it the way the book says, or with sashing in between each block with corner stones, or use alternate light blocks. Then there is also the issue of what size to make.
so many decisions......
I guess the block is very indicative of the choices we make, being two sides to everything!

You can find Gnomeangel's Tutorial is here.

My thoughts on the letter 'Vacation at Home' 
by Happy Farm Girl - 1937
I don't recall ever going on holidays as a young child, maybe we did, but all my childhood memories are of spending holidays at home. We had good imaginations back then, and would play for hours and hours, in the house, in the small concrete back yard, or in the back lane.
As I got older I do remember my Mum sending us to our Aunties (in Newcastle and Sydney) for holidays. We mostly stayed and had fun around the house.
Even as a Mum, we often had family vacations home - yes, we did do the odd weekend away which was fun, and we did start tent camping, but staying at home was easy and we could make our own fun. When our children were young, and even teenagers, I use to enjoy them being home on school holidays. We would do whatever suited the circumstance, inside play, outside play or a small excursion to the park. It was fun.
I believe in making the best of what you have (that's why in later life I knew to walk away when circumstances were out of my control - that WAS making the best of what I could do). Making the best of what you have is demonstrated in the letter.
As Angie said in her thoughts '...just because something “bad” happens doesn’t mean we have to let it dictate how we respond' We need to move on and get the power back to do what makes us happy, even if it is a long process!

Fill your life with experiences, not things - have stories to tell not stuff to show!

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