Sunday, 8 November 2015

Farmers Wife #62 Millie

The third block this week was #62 Millie, again made with half square triangles. There are just so many blocks that can be made with half square triangles.This blog from Kirtsy explains a different way to cut and sew the half square triangles - I prefer this method as one doesn't have to worry so much about the pieces stretching. Kirsty is also making four of each block to sew together - looks very pretty. Read about it here.
As in #57 Margaret, I pressed the seams open. I am not sure that I will do this for all the blocks, but it worked for this one.

 I also like the idea of doing four of each block - in this case with #62 Millie, a four block pattern would look really good and it would show up the secondary patterns really well.

My thoughts on the letter 'Blind Flying'
by A Blind Flyer, Dec 1931
Wow, what a powerful letter. A Blind Flyer writes about how our lives are like flying blind, and when in a state of confusion one needs to refer to what she calls 'God's instruments for 'blind flying in life.'
  1. A God-centered philosophy - for blind flying
  2. The Holy Bible - for a directional gyro
  3. Prayer - for comforting
I don't talk much about my faith, but I do believe in the above 3 'instruments'. I may not go to church each week, but I do believe in the Bible and it's teachings. I say my prayers at night, and taught my children the power of prayer.
As a child my parents took us to Sunday School. They did not attend church, although I do recall my Nanna going regularly and reading the scriptures each day. When we turned 12 years old our parents gave us the choice to continue to go to church or not. I went for a while, but moved so stopped going.
My faith didn't go away.
I know God is watching over me, and I know he will guide me in the right direction, no matter how dark it may seem, it always turns out right. There have been many times in my life that everything was not right, but each experience has ended up for the best in the end.

I believe God has a plan, and although it may seem everything is going wrong now, it will always turn out for the best.

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